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YGP bill customers monthly and in advance using an advanced cost estimate. This advanced cost estimate is calculated based on your estimated annual energy consumption and contract prices agreed to by you on your contract with YGP.

We rely on our customers to provide meter readings regularly; we aim to communicate with your smart meter where possible. Half hourly customers will have their data generated and sent to us via the data collector each month.

Where an actual read is submitted, this is reflected in your bills.  Otherwise, an estimate will be used.  If you see an estimated read on your bill, please contact us to provide your latest read. 

Where your meter is half-hourly, estimated consumption is normally indicative of an issue with the communication link between your meter and the data collector, which will be resolved as soon as possible.

YGP are currently only able to offer a monthly billing service.

If your contract was agreed with a Direct Debit discount and we cannot collect via Direct Debit, charges are incurred. However, it may be possible to switch your contract to a non-Direct Debit payment method.  Please contact our customer services team to discuss your options.

Once YGP receive all relevant documents supporting your change of tenancy request, the change of tenancy will be processed as soon as possible. You can download the change of tenancy form in our moving premises section or submit your documents here.

You can provide meter reads via the website, telephone or by email to contact@ygp.co.uk. Meter reads can be submitted at any point in the month, the meter read will be reflected in your next bill.

This is something that YGP will be providing in the near future for all customers.

Objections normally occur for the following reasons:

  1. You are in contract and/or
  2. There are arrears on the account.


Please contact our customer services team to discuss.

Termination notice requirements differ depending on your business classification and can vary from time to time.  Please refer to the YGP terms and conditions to obtain the correct information for your contract.

This is determined by our regulator Ofgem.  As this information varies from time to time, please refer to www.ofgem.gov.uk for the latest information.

Your payment due date will be stated on your bill.  Our standard payment terms are 10 days from the bill date.

The Climate Change Levy is a tax on UK business energy use, charged at the time of supply. The final recipient of supplies of electricity generated from certain renewable sources and combined heat and power (CHP) can obtain a tax exemption for generation before 1 August 2015.

Our VAT exemption certificate can be downloaded on our Customer Forms section, please submit a completed form to contact@ygp.co.uk with a meter reading.

On the bill, the meter reading will show “A” for actual and ‘E’ for estimated next to your read.  Please refer to our bill navigation tool for further assistance, which can be accessed here.

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Moving Premises?

Have you leased your property or sold your property?


Please submit a lease agreement with a completed change of tenancy form

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Please submit a completion statement from your solicitor with a completed change of tenancy form

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* We cannot process a change of tenancy without the required completed change of tenancy form and the required supporting evidence.


Out Of Contract Rates

Our current out of contract rates, charged per supply point, are:


£4.99 daily standing charge and 7.50p/kWh for all units.


£4.99 daily standing charge, 27.50p/kWh for all units and £7.50/kVA/month capacity charge (if applicable).